Thursday, January 12, 2012

sneaky peak

I haven't posted these up on my regular blog yet.  Still waiting for another round of crits from AJ but doing some monsters.

Friday, January 6, 2012


hullo people, hope all's well.  
here's a demon I began a few days ago, any feedback on her progress would be great.  
cheers,  -b

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Film Studies

Going back to studying frames.  This is from the Prometheus trailer.  Trying to limit myself to 45 minutes on these.  Spent alittle longer on a couple.

edit-and doing more!  Kind of made this a personal assignment now.  Trying to do 20 before the week is over now.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Semester Ends

Hey Guys Semester is freaking over!!! Anyway hope all your finals went alright. Anyway just wanted to post it here but after our last day in Anthony Jones class he made the announcement that he "WOULD" actually teach at lcad again. So I was wrong! The chances of you guys getting a class with him next fall is waaaaay higher now. Anywho since it's break good time to get in studies again. I'd thought I would post some of the study assignments we did in AJ's class. Anyway give these a whirl over break if you can. You'll get a lot out of them. I posted examples from Jessica Dinh, Rob Lund, Ian Jacobson, Sang Lee

Anyway first assignment- 22 portraits in this order

1 from imagination
10 from life
10 from master paintings past and present
1 from imagination again to see if you learned or improved

a worthwhile attempt! Meaning you put a decent amount of time into them, values, lighting, proportions mostly correct ect...

Second assignment ...

660 thumbnails!220 Silhoette, 220 Abstract, 220 drawn out.
Sci Fi ???Ranger living in a blade runner like enviro they use an interesting weapon made from the corporation “Star” founded in the time of SD-129 , searching for “The Forgotten”
The forgotten was once part of a corp. who founded the weapon that your character. They must be destroyed so the weapon cant be re made.
Star foundation, is the corp.

pssss...just kidding on the 660 art AJ posted that on the blog to freak the shit out of students that missed the class. We had to do 60 only.


Assignment 3 Opaque & Transparent
Black & White

Do 10 Opaque environments or still lives --- 100% opacity hard brush only
Do 10 Transparent environments or still lives --- 1 - 50% opacity brush only

You can mix it up like 6 environments and 4 still lives or just all environments, up to you. Blending practice.

Assignment 4

Material studies

3 spheres-Reflect(chrome,metal,etc),refract(glass),absorb(plastic)
5 materials for each spheres