Saturday, June 4, 2011

Figures and stuff

So been working on figures lately.  I've been working more on the gesture and construction lately focusing on the whole body first.  I'm trying to do all these from my head also.  No ref's or copying from the books.
I've been checking out a lot of stuff by Nathan Fowkes also lately.  I practical love everything that guy does.  Anyway he always does a painting every day. He does these amazing landscape pieces that are ultra small Most are less than 3x5".  So I started doing a painting a day.  Another challenge also he put in his blog is to do a landscape in 20 strokes are less so I've been attempting that's tough!

Think you can learn a lot from it though.  Anywho here are four I did, I got a couple dozen more also I'll get photos of eventually.  But yeah if you don't know Nathan's work then you need to go to his blog pronto!

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