Thursday, June 9, 2011

she needs a name and this needs a title

small changes
have no real direction just letting it evolve


  1. Dang Robert not bad for your first color character piece! Ah I'll try my best to give you some crits but don't listen to me if I sound like I'm babbling out of my a$$. The one thing that's throwing me off right now is her clothing. The reason why is to me anyway there is no dimension to it or value. I think if that green light is bouncing onto her body it should be the same on the clothing also. You could possibly have some rim light there also. But yeah what kind of material is that she is wearing? Is it leather, nylon, etc. Figure that out and then see how that kind of material looks lit. Dig the pose and the balance is good. Watch how thin her wrists are especially on the one holding the light. Honestly this might sound funky but try looking in a mirror and posing like your character. I think her elbow is off on the left(the one not holding the light). I believe it would be more angled instead of straight down how you have it right now...honestly pose in the mirror you'll see what I'm saying...I don't think you can angle the arm like that how you have it right now. Oh check your mail in alittle bit I'm sending you some stuff I on anatomy you might find useful. Anywho hope it helps. Good luck with the piece keep pushing Robert.

  2. Hey Sean. Thanks again man. Your right about the wrist. this was all from my head with some color refs. As for the flat costume not really sure if i'm going stick with that so i just threw a shape on her. originally started it just to paint the figure the progress is on my blog, but yea plans change. This one is up on cghub 2d[wip], trying to seek outside help.
    o yea this was straight to color, too. not bad for the first of many.
    p.s. will resolve the hands eventually she might have some cool rings too

  3. No problem, cool man keep going! Cghub is a good spot to post your work on to get seen. Not too sure on the critique end. Honestly I'd email someone like Gino or Paul and see if they respond to it. You should probably send it to all three of Gino's email accounts or itleast his Blizzard email(hope he's not reading this lol jk) :D Oh pss, check your email ;)