Sunday, July 24, 2011

doodle doodle

lately ive been working in my sketchbook and the scanner is down but this is sorta what i've been upto.

so i found this link for figure drawing its kinda like pose maniacs has a timer and a choice between animals or the figure. its pretty neat check it out if you haven't already
figure drawing tool [sweet]


  1. Pixel lovely is awesome, way better then posemaniacs me thinks. Nice man, yeah I'll get them up also but I've mainly been working on figure stuff lately also. Those are looking great man for 3 min's!

  2. tanks man yea its a good tool. ive been filling up some pages lately mostly 1-2 mins trying to get faster some aren'e pretty but just trying to get the milage up.

  3. Yeah it's a good idea doing some fast like that when starting out in the morning. Haha, I swear my first 1-5 drawings always look like junk first, it like you have to get all the crap out of you always first. Cool man keep at it!