Friday, July 8, 2011


Started something because I got "Drake -Marvins room" on repeat
gotta fill the right side with some happy party people

nah forget the party ppl

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  1. Yo Erik so I wanted to get to you on this piece. Anyway your tackling a lot of stuff in this piece but look more at your piece in terms of the values and also positing of objects. Rule of of thirds. One problem is you got some values blending in with each other also. The guys bottom shirt is almost the same value as the chair, the value of his paints are almost the same as the floor of the bottom right. Is that the floor? I can't really distinguish the distance between her and the door also. Is she supposed to be right next to the door? If she is she needs to be pushed back. Check maybe the angle on the door also it's looking weird from here. Whenever your dealing with rooms or things with some perspective like this you want to throw up a perspective grid just in case, kind of like in Gino's class. But yeah Values man, and then lighting. If you can find ref and see how light works in a room. Is he in a bar? What kind of room is this? is it a apartment room? Judging from the abundance of liquor I'm going with bar but yeah if it is really look at those kind of settings to put more life in your pieces. Anywho hope this helps. You said you used a ref for the girl also. I say post that also. Hope this helps and I didn't sound like I was rambling.