Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Post!

Random Pen sketch and then messed around in PS.


  1. What up Erik cool to see you posting:D

    Hey Erik I got some critiques for you if it's alright. Ah okay one thing I'd like to see you do. You got Hampton's book on Anatomy right? I'd like to see you focus more on the form of the face and construction. In other words don't focus right now on making completed painted pieces. You want to focus on form and actually drawing out these shapes and understanding them right. Here take a look at this face demo done by Kevin Chen-

    Look at how simple those lines are but where the construction is happening and the landmarks. You want to be able to draw the head like that first from as many angles as possible. Draw from those notes from Kevin and the book...then close it and try to do even more studies using the same construction methods. Think of the neck as more of a cylinder at first and draw through it and so and so forth. Think simple man! Worry about shading and line sketching later. When you actually understand how the plane of the face works and where the landmarks are of the face painting them will come really easier. I spent a lot of time painting heads aimlessly for hours(still do:D) trying to figure why the hell it wasn't working. I'm finding out now the main reason was to poor construction and a really bad drawing. when you got a proper head drawing with the right placement of everything it all comes together a lot nicer. But read and read that book by Hampton over a over again...and draw those heads...ALOT! Speaking which I better get sketching myself :D Anywho hope this helps. You do that stuff you'll be a baller in no time!

  2. Haha thanks Sean, I'll be working at it!..and skype around 3:00 sounds good?