Friday, July 1, 2011




  1. Looking much better man. Keep drawing! Hey another good habit to get into that I've been trying to do every morning is what Gino did. Remember the straight lines and ghosting? If you don't already try to do that every morning on cheap paper. Draw straight lines using your arm, circles, perspective grids, cylinders, boxes, etc... Gino, Kyle Kane, and Jason still do those exercises everyday. It's a good way to get your arm going and warm up for the rest of the day.

  2. Yupp couldn't agree more Sean it doesn't really take that much effort really. Its easy to find time for it too. get a clipboard take it with YOU draw on loose sheets. The ones you like scan the ones you don't fill yup with straight lines and elipses
    I'd also say to render spheres often it will pay off
    Draw small. shape form balance weight it's about relationships lights against darks. Remember to ask yourself questions when you draw and paint inner dialogue is key but most importantly draw with confidence...

  3. Thanks for the feedback and advice guys. I'm happy I was invited to this blog :]